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Body1 Launches Pion, Inc.’s New Fully-Featured Website

Cambridge, MA—November 13, 2014—Body1 is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Pion, Inc., an innovative biopharmaceutical supplier. The new site has extensive features, including a multi-tiered permissions system for downloads and advanced analytics.

Pion, Inc. is a life science company that screens and analyzes pharmaceutical compounds using instrumentation, software, and laboratory services. They’re trusted by ten out of ten of the top pharmaceutical companies. Their new website demonstrates their expertise while giving both repeat and potential customers a way to review their products and services.

As part of their objective to serve their customers and engage their prospects, the new Pion, Inc. site has a multi-tiered permissions system for downloads. This system allows them to provide different materials to the general public, customers, employees, and administrators. Their downloads include posters, webinars, application notes, brochures, and publications.

“Our initial results are positive,” Mike Kelly, CEO of Pion, Inc. said. “Customers are interacting with us more online.” With more features and easier-to-navigate content, Mike expects those numbers to continue to increase as more customers discover and engage with the new site.

About Body1, Inc.
Body1, Inc. is a cloud software technology leader that powers web platforms for medical marketing. These platforms include content-rich health sites, medical condition communities, mobile solutions, and social media engagement campaigns.  Body1’s historic clients range from Fortune 100 medical firms like Abbott to venture-backed start-ups like Zila. 

About Pion, Inc.
Pion, Inc. develops and manufactures instrumentation for compound testing in pharmaceutical R&D. These include high-precision fiber optic-based analytical instruments for solubility and dissolution measurements, as well as complete systems for permeability (PAMPA), solubility, and ionization. Additionally, Pion provides CRO services for solubility, permeability, dissolution, pKa, and lipophilicity testing.


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